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David Hebestreit- General Manager

davidWhat can you say about the general manager of the soccer club you work for without getting yourself fired? Well, we are going to find out because our staff profile for today is going to be about general manager David Hebestreit.

A 46-year-old Livonia, Michigan native, David “Hebes” Hebestreit has been around the game of soccer for quite some time. Hebes has 25 years of soccer coaching experience including, among varied levels of the game, 10 years as the head coach for the men’s club team at The University of Michigan. In addition to his coaching experience Hebes has acquired organizational experience being part of the first year of now three different soccer clubs. Those being: AFC Ann Arbor, Toledo United, and of course Toledo Villa FC.

If you have ever had a conversation with the man, you know Hebes is a smart guy. He has four degrees on two different levels, from four different universities. Those degrees helped Hebes forge a career in education where he has been a high school English teacher for 22 years. Despite what you might believe about a man with degrees in English and Creative Writing, Hebes is one of the more fun loving blokes you will ever meet. Some would even say he has the energy level of a college woman, a statement truer than you might believe.

Hebes has had to overcome some monumental hurdles to get to where he is now, including surviving a dire medical scare in his younger days that resulted in a him needing a heart transplant. When you survive a situation like that you gain a bit of perspective, and Hebes is no exception. The most important things come first for David, his wife, building community, and his desire to see the world. Some of his travel aspirations have been fulfilled through his playing and coaching experience (Bruges, Belgium and Cascais, Portugal are his favorite places), but never one to be content, Hebes wants to travel even more.

If he were writing this himself Hebes would tell you how crazy excited he is to be building another piece of the Greater Toledo community and to the soccer community. I’m sure he would use more impressive vocabulary to describe his excitement, but the overall spirit wouldn’t change. So, if you see him at a game don’t be afraid to talk to him, and maybe you can try and stump him with a vocabulary word of your own, but be warned it won’t be easy.

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